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Re: [edlug] how do I open a .wab file in linux (ubuntu) ??

Thanks you two but I don't have access to Windoze,
so back to my main question can I open the .wab on my ubuntu desktop with some linux program - is there a way ??

I don't have access to windows so can I do it under linux? I just want to see the names & phone numbers nothing
fancy is required.


On 8/8/06, neilgardner63@xxx.xxx.xxx < neilgardner63@xxx.xxx.xxx> wrote:
Quoting Tahir Hafiz < tahir.hafiz@xxx.xxx.xxx>:

> Hello,
> I am trying to open a .wab file (this has my friends & acq phone numbers and
> addresses on it - It comes
> from the windows machine I had from the program Outlook Expresss Address
> book - I burned the .wab onto a blank
> dvd before installing linux on the machine).
> I have tried to import to Evolution and Mozilla-Thunderbird but the .wab
> filetype is not recognised and
> since I have gone completely Linux I can't open it on windows.
> Basically I would be satisfied in just being able to open the .wab and see
> the information stored therein.

When I switched from Windoze ,well actually migrated to Thunderbird while still
locked into an MS OS, I just exported my old to a CSV and then imported it into
Thunderbird. You just need to match the fields. As for the .wab format it's


> Is there any way I can do this in Linux?
> Kind regards,
> Tahir

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