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Welcome to EdLUG's home page. We are a not-for-profit society based in Edinburgh. We aim to promote the use of Linux, other Open Source tools and provide user support. We:

  • meet once a month
  • take part in debates
  • run demonstrations
  • offer tutorials and courses
  • and run Linux install days


The Linux Penguin Image Linux is an UNIX®-like operating system. It was written by Linus Torvalds in 1991. He distributed it on the Internet under the GPL license, Linux is a registered trademark owned by Torvalds. Many people all around the world now enjoy its flexibility and stability. Anyone with a computer can use Linux, from home PC's to large IBM mainframes. Importantly no fee is associated with Linux, it's free.

Since its release many Distributions - some free, some not - have released packages of Linux and other tools. Included in these are Office, multimedia, graphics and Internet packages that are now as good as those found in rival operating systems.

Linux is strongly associated with the GNU movement and many of the basic utilities are provided by the GNU Foundation. So much so that it's often refereed to as GNU/Linux.

Linux has a logo, a penguin called Tux.


We meet once a month, every month. Meetings are held on the first Thursday of each month (or the next week if it's Jan 1/2) at 7:30pm. currently our usual meeting plase has shut. In place of a more perminant solution we will continue with meeting imformally for food in the Auld Hoose (5:30 - 6pm) then proceeding to a talk (see the mailing list for details, or goto http://www.scotlug.org.uk/wiki/EdlugMeetings), then returning to a pub for more chat and socialising.

Meetings have no formal agenda, although there may be impromptu demos or tutorials going on. Sometimes we meet in a second location for special demonstrations or if we have a guest speaker. These are announced well beforehand on the mailing list.

The December meeting is usually accompanied by a meal which usualy involves a Curry followed by a visit to a nearby pub.


Many EdLUG'rs hang out on channel #EdLUG on irc.freenode.net, as well as the #ScotLUg channel.


EdLUG has no formal membership. We are all volunteers and enthusiasts. However, regular members are offered EdLUG email addresses and access to EdLUG resources. The closest thing we have to a register of members is the email discussion list. Details below.

Our meetings are open to anyone interested in Linux. If you would like to help EdLUG or feel you could have something more to offer ask around at a meeting and you'll be pointed to the right people to talk to.

A few of the core members are responsible for looking after certain areas such as this web site or the servers, mailing lists, DNS etc. They either saw an opportunity to help EdLUG and stepped forward or answered a call for help and assistance from another member.

We are very loosely affiliated with the University of Edinburgh; however, we maintain our own constitution (we don't have one) and finances. We are an equal opportunities society.

Mailing List

The mailing list is the heart of the society. Almost everybody in the group is a member of the list. It is used for:

  • distributing information,
  • asking questions,
  • holding debates.

Anyone may join the discussion list and we keep an archive of messages to it here.

Over time the list has developed its own etiquette; information on it as well as a more general FAQ along with information on how to join can be found here.


We welcome donations of money; equipment such as hard drives, memory, or base units; or just a half-hour a week helping out. If we can't use the equipment ourselves we'll raffle it to raise funds or find a good home for it and we're always looking for pairs of hands that can create poster designs, organize seating at talks or help the public at Linux install days.

The funds we do have go towards the society's running costs and purchasing equipment for demos. The University will allow us to carry banner adds on this site in return for any corporate sponsorship.

We are currently looking for anyone whom can help with the funding of a WiFi network at our meeting room.

Contact Details

The EdLUG webmaster can be contacted here: wibble@morpheux.NOSPAM-REMOVEME.org.

EdLUG GPG Public Key

EdLUG have a public key
Finger print:
011E 3730 8CCA E33C A78C 7293 DD6E F7A4 2F69 8AC5

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We are grateful to the following companies who have helped EdLUG with donations of software

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